What a funny title!! But seriously – I’m going to start uploading family photos. I totally forgot to archive March’s photos/family happenings. And now it’s the middle of April and I’ve got a boat-load of photos to get up before I even download all the images from our weekend trip to Sandfest!! I don’t have ballet this morning (usually I do) so I have some free time to get some extra computer “work” done. I’m pretty tired from being out in the sun all day Saturday and Sunday anyway – so this is a good way to avoid exerting anymore physical energy than necessary. Washing the laundry and unpacking in spurts doesn’t count….

So there will be several posts up this morning that will stay on the front page for a day or two and then get redated so they are archived in the correct month/date according to the day the photos were taken.

Edited at 6:50pm to say… yeah…I didn’t get around to any blogging today. I found I had a list of things in my planner that had to be taken care of and I’m really tired and so now I’m going to bed. LOL. Yes. At 7pm. Today is a good day for an early bedtime – I have a long day tomorrow….