A child protection supervisor testified Thursday that girls at a West Texas polygamous ranch believed that teen marriages were OK and that girls from the compound had gotten pregnant when they were as young as 13.

The girls believed there was “no age too young to be married and they wanted to have as many babies as they could,” said Angie Voss, a supervisor of investigations at the Texas Department of Child Protective Services.

Voss said it would not be safe to send the children — including the boys — back to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints compound because the culture there encourages marrying underage girls to older men in “spiritual marriages.”

“I believe the boys are groomed to be perpetrators,” she said.

Children on the Yearning for Zion Ranch also told a Texas state worker that they had seen the 16-year-old girl who reportedly called a domestic abuse hot line saying that she was beaten and sexually abused by her 49-year-old husband, spurring an investigation of child abuse on the polygamous compound, officials testified Thursday. ….

You all already know how I feel about it….but just in case you needed some “unbiased” opinion regarding what COULD be considered abuse…. *duh* But you know – let’s think about it in our terms.

We are Christians. But let’s say that we were Christians who thought porn was acceptible. Would it be OK or not OK for us to share porn with our children and encourage them, and groom them, to behave like porn stars. Would not that be abuse? Should not my children be removed from my custody so they can have a hope for a decent HEALTHY SANE future?? (Not saying they are going to get it – just at least, a hope for it…a chance at it…)  I really MUST be missing something here – because I am having a hard time following the, “Oh Poor Polygamist Mothers” campaign coming out of the Christian Church right now….