THIS is almost worse than the polygamists themselves….

I can not believe that there are actually Christians on cyberspace right now debating what does and does not constitute abuse in relation to the polygamist compound in El Dorado.

I am appalled at how feeble their minds have become. It would appear to any normal thinking American that perhaps retreating from the world and hiding in one’s home as a recluse is not really beneficial in the development of a really strong Biblical Worldview. How can you have a Worldview if you aren’t even a part of it????

There are Christians actually spreading a gospel of fear as they empathize with the mothers and fathers who have lost children to the State of Texas. They actually have the gall to THINK that the State would snatch 400 kids up into it’s custody just because the State doesn’t like the way they dress, or that they home school, or their religion. One lady actually referred to the building they use to worship their version of Baal as a “temple” that had been “defiled” – and in doing so she just gave credibility to their false religion. Oh My God! Seriously. I am so appalled.  (Funny, the same Christians had absolutely nothing nice to say about Mormons in general a few months back when Mitt Romney decided to run for President! Which was a completely laughable situation all around – everyone knowing full well that there was no way Mitt Romney was ever going to get into office! But NOW, all of a sudden, Christians are supposed to be empathetic towards the same “heathens”?? What a joke!)

I can not believe that there are Christian Home Schooling parents out there that are actually fearful that because the State rescued 400 children from a sexual abuse compound that the State, too, will one day remove their children from their homes because they home school. But then again, most Christian home schooling parents I know live, breath, and walk a life based out of fear – so it shouldn’t come as any real surprise. I guess it is the degree of ignorance that has grown out of this fear that I’m surprised by. Especially since most of the people empathizing with the polygamists are highly intellectual and extremely well versed in Scripture)

But, you know, to them – I will say this: If you, dear fellow Christian Sister, ever – and I mean it – if you EVER marry your 13 yr old daughter to her FATHER, brother, uncle, cousin, neighbor, or anyone else…. you SHOULD lose ALL your children and you should have your butt thrown in jail!!!

OH!  Christians who are that arrogant really get under my skin!!!!  They are so self-centered and self-focused and fearful of the world outside of their own homes they can’t even see past their front doors to realize that not everyone has a perfect marriage and family. They are the lucky ones – the ones God allows to have seemingly mundane lives. And you know why I think that is?  I think it’s because He knows they are so limited in their ability to process really hard, deep, dark and painful issues.

So – really, maybe they should just stay locked up in their cozy abodes. But for God’s sake – and everyone else’s – stop sympathizing with the polygamists who broke law after law after law all in the name of Christ, and start praying for their souls!

My husband said that one of his former employees actually came out of the FLDS and while she wouldn’t talk much about her former life – she said it was so vile – so filled with sexual and physical abuse of the women and children – it was horrible. It was god-forsaken. And there are actually Christians – living breathing REAL CHRISTIANS – who would seek to have the children returned to such an environment?!?!