Randomly Firing Neurons was a saying an old friend used to use when we’d be shooting off topics right and left, “Oh yeah, I meant to ask you…wait…I forgot….I also was going to tell you about….Oh and did you read…what do you think about…” very random and not at all related to anything in particular. I always liked her phrase. It explains exactly how my brain works!

  • “Coming out of Christianity and into Christ” was a search topic that lead someone to my blog!  And I just have to say – THAT is a great topic. What a great idea to mull over and think and pray about. Coming out of Christianity and into Christ….wow. I like it. I’m going to use that in a post soon. Maybe someone just broke free from legalism. Praise be to God!
  • A really good friend has been helping me process some things that have been going on, behind the scenes so to speak. There’s just a whole LOT that I DON”T blog about. Can you imagine if I blogged about everything?? OMG. That’d be insane.  Anyway he emailed last night and was explaining that people, in general, need to be really aware of how our body responds to what we are thinking about/doing. He said, “Me, personally, I find strong feelings in my mind/heart when I help knowledge expand in 3rd person and mind/upper gut when I gain knowledge in 1st person.” Does that ring a chord with anyone? It sure did with me.  I understood exactly what he was saying. I am going to spend the next day really thinking and being aware of how my body responds to knowledge gained and knowledge expanded. Two different things. But it has to be on a very kinesthetic level – the responses I’m looking for.   I’m sure I’ve lost you all by now.
  • Royce commented that I had really lost a lot of weight – in that it was so noticeable now. Going from a size 8 to a 6 isn’t that noticeable. From an 8 to a 4 – noticeable. I said, “Yes. I know. I mean – thank you – but you know – I really can tell a difference. I have a different awareness of my size as I move through space. I used to be so big. I am really small now. It’s a really different feeling. I feel lighter – in my step, in my body – really – in the way my body moves itself through space.”  I said this while staring off at the ceiling. When I brought my eyes back to Royce’s he had this look of utter confusion on his face. I said, “You don’t know what I mean?” He says, “Uhm….no!”  I said, “It must be because I’m a dancer.” The next day my teacher said that dancers are more aware of their spacial referencing. I thought, “Oh! I’m so glad someone understands what I’m saying! I’m NOT crazy!!”
  • My house is a mess again and I don’t really know where to start. So instead, I’m blogging about it and everything else I can think of to procrastinate.
  • I have the opportunity to go to the Cecchetti Summer Intensive Seminar for Teachers in Holland, MI at Hope College in July. If I volunteer as a chaperone, I will be compensated with free tuition, room and board. The camp would cost me $1100 if I were to pay out of pocket. I will mostly be working during the day but they do make time for the Teacher/Chaperones to take classes. So, it’s a win/win. Plus – it’s a TWO WEEK SABBATICAL for me! Here’s the symbolic part. July is a big month for me. Huge. I had already been praying about taking some time off in July. To just go have some personal time. Alone. Away from my family. As a time of reflection and for time with God. I just didn’t know where to go – what to do – how to do it. And then, literally the next day after I had just prayed about it…I had been thinking about it for a few days…but the next day – the door opened for the possibility of me going to Michigan for 2 weeks in July. 15 days all together. And last night – Royce said, “OK. See if we can work out the details and I guess you better start saving for an airplane ticket.” I just have to get myself up there – all my other needs are taken care of.  And I didn’t even tell Royce about the “sabbatical” aspect of it. I just played it off as uber-important to my ballet teaching career. 🙂  He reads the blog now, regularly, so he’ll figure it out soon enough. But he knows. He knows July is a hard month.
  • My sister is dropping her boys off for the morning and they are about to be here so I guess I better go. I need to at least pick up all the broken glass that’s on the floor, shoo all the rats out of the kitchen, put away the steak knives I let Claire play with a minute ago and take down the barbed wire baby gate that is SO NOT APPROVED OF by Mandy. *Sheesh* JUST KIDDING!!!!  But seriously…
  • Anyone know anything about Somatic Release?