I told you I’d put some photos up of me in the shoes. For your viewing pleasure – I simply photographed the shoes. 🙂  For the ballet critics out there….this was only my 2nd time in these shoes so they aren’t broken in yet. There is a bit of a challenge when working in brand new shoes. So yes, I see I’m rolling back on my little toe and pulling back on my other foot and my 5th could be tighter and so on and so forth – but it was the 2nd day in them and I don’t believe in non-traditional methods of breaking in pointe shoes. So. There.

For the rest of you. Here’s my feet. If you look closely enough at the first photo you can see in between my toes – in the mirror – my reflection. I didn’t realize it until later….but I really like the photo. I just had on a leotard and t-shirt. No tights. I usually don’t wear tights when I’m working at home by myself.

This position is relevé en cinquieme. Rising in 5th.

Releve en Cinquieme au Milieu


The photo below was taken while at the barre. The position is called cou-de pied en relevé. It means at the nape of the foot,  on a raised foot. In pointe shoes – that means all the way up. In slippers that would just mean as high as you could go up on your metatarsal arch. I like this photo b/c it shows almost the entire foot – almost a 360 degree photo.

cou-de pied


And Claire’s photo of my Echappé à la Seconde. I thought the angle on this was really cool!  She’s only 3 so she was shooting from her own perspective. She’s so cute!! 


Anyway. I really LOVE the feeling of my feet in pointe shoes!! I had class again Monday with Dr. T and it really is so much fun. I had forgotten how much fun it was. Once you get over the fear of BREAKING YOUR ANKLES!!! as you feel them wobbling beneath you in directions ankles aren’t normally supposed to move!! You know. Once you master the control of that – you’re OK!