This is a topic I’ve been mulling over in my head the past week.

Thanks to… THE THERAPIST. I’ve stated that with not a whole lot of love in my heart right now. <<big uncomfortable grin>> I have previously blogged some about The Therapist in general terms, but this evening – he’s kind of on my bad side. Good thing I have a whole week before I go back.

So anyway, thanks to Mr. Therapy, I’m thinking about blogging my thoughts about Sexual Purity but I don’t know where to start. Where to start…where to start. At the beginning? Of all time???


I think the desire for sexual purity started with Adam. God fully and completely fulfilled Adam’s/man’s desire with Eve/women. Satan perverted it with the Lie. We, today, are condemned to living a life carrying the burden of that sin – until Christ returns. Condemned meaning we will not be totally free from this cross we are to bear – but it is – it can be – a manageable cross. And I think ALL Christians today struggle with sexual purity. In some form or fashion. I am not be a sex addict, I have never had an affair, I have never compromised my marital vows – but I still watch inappropriate TV shows and laugh at bad jokes and have to take thoughts captive unto Christ – and that’s all AS a Christian. And if all Christians were going to be honest, they would admit to these things – and more. We don’t even need to discuss our unregenerate lives!! LOL! And I’m a girl!!! I KNOW it is 1,000 times worse for guys.

Tomorrow – or when I have time – I am going to blog about this more. About how God created Adam a sexual being. It occurred to me, and impacted me greatly, to realize that God had intended, before Adam was ever formed, for Adam to be a sexual being. God didn’t give Adam specific biological functions AFTER Adam asked for what would be Eve!! God created Adam whole and complete the first time. But then Adam had to ask for Eve. When I realized this, I wondered – if God had intended for Adam to BE a sexual being all along – why did He wait until Adam asked for Eve before He created her?

Then I started thinking about prayer and lines of communication and relationships….and how God desperately WANTS to be in a relationship with us! And He wanted that for Him and Adam too. And He set it up – the Garden, Adams life – in a way that Adam naturally would turn to God and ask, “But where’s my life partner?”Why did God do this? Because it gave Adam an opportunity to seek God for his needs. I may not be 100% correct on this – theologically speaking – there could be 1,000 other reasons why God did what He did. But from a sexual purity stand point – I think I am starting to unpack this in a way that is making sense to me.

And in the end. That’s all that counts. That I, Sarah Walston, make sense to myself. Ha!!!

So, to the few people who regularly comment – Is this topic too risque for the blog? Does it make anyone uncomfortable? I don’t know how often I’ll blog about it. But it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about the past week. I started listening to some podcasts from Pure Sex Radio and they have really got me thinking…. No, I didn’t do a mad sweep of my favorite TV shows, websites or magazines – but they have really made me stop and think. What’s funny is that, actually, I listened to almost all of them last fall and I had a totally different attitude/point of view/opinion about them. Not the two guys who host the show – but the topics that are raised, the discussions, etc.

It’s funny how time can alter your perspective – as you embrace enough life experiences to give you cause to change. And … really … I guess what I’m saying is… how God directly works in our lives as a means to grow us up – in the way we should go – so when we are OLD we will not depart from Him…. Kind of a play on verse there – but it’s my thought, and I’m sticking to it.

Well. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m going to bed. It’s been a really. really. really. long day.


OH!!! I just scrolled through my blog and ran across the Maya Angelou quote from the other day and I can not believe how much it ties into what I just thought about! I love it when that happens! I know. I’m a geek at heart.

Here’s the quote so you don’t have to click the link:

‘A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ
That a man should have to seek Him first to find her.’

Isn’t that kinda what I was saying about Adam and Eve? Eve was so hidden in God, that Adam had to seek God in order to find Eve! Or am I being too abstract? Too late? Need to sleep? Too many Cosmopolitans at Kono Grill with Gwendolyn?? Perhaps the last suggestion there is the culprit, but I’d never fess up to that one on the blog! For crying out loud!! This is a reputable CHRISTIAN blog!!