Think of Dora and you got the tune!

Ran the 5k this morning bright and early with Royce! We had a great time. When we got to the race site it was FREEZING outside. Ok. Not freezing exactly, but you could see your own breath in the air and that means it’s at arctic freezing levels for me. So, we sat around in the car, with the heater on full blast, until it was almost time to start.

We started out at the back of the pack this time, it being our first time, but quickly realized that was a bad mistake. I had to work a little harder at the beginning to get out of the patch of slower people who seemed to be OK with running close enough to one another to smell each others socks. No thanks. I found some space up above the pack and we darted through the crowd and found some space where we could pace ourselves.

So next time (yes! there will be a next time!!) I’ll start more towards the front. Not AT the front, just more towards the front.

All in all, I placed 7th in my age category (females 30-34) and Royce placed 4th in his (males 35-39). We finished the race in 32 minutes, 10 seconds. The top finisher in my age bracket came in at 28 minutes, so I think I can shave 4 minutes off my time before the fall, when Royce and I will run again. Poor Royce. His legs are so long. He was having to take really short jogs to keep up with me. My stride is about half of his. He could have run the 5k in under 30 minutes, but he was staying with me. I told him, for the next race, I’m good. I’m past the “I’m a newbie” feeling, and so he can run off ahead of me, I’ll be ok. But anyway, here’s our official results:

Bib # Gun Time Chip Time Pace Place by Age Overall Place Overall by Sex
Fem. 30-34
Walston,Sarah 275 32:25.9 32:10.3 10:21 7 78 22
Male 35-39
Walston,Royce 276 32:25.8 32:10.3 10:21 4 77 56

Once the photos are posted, I’ll put a link up to them!

Funny note – in order to keep from getting bored, I just pretended to play the piano to whatever song was playing on the iPod while I was running. So, this is how funky my brain is. I was running a 5k, listening to music, singing along with the songs, regulating my breathing, pacing my steps AND still found myself SO BORED that I started to “play” the imaginary piano keyboard that was in front of me while I was running and singing so that I would have something else to think about and do – b/c everything else I was already doing was boring and I was having a hard time focusing. Isn’t that crazy? But it worked! So funny. I’m such a mess!! We could definitely have fun with the “Run for Brainpower” title now couldn’t we!?!?!

But I’m so proud of ME!!! It’s been THREE FREAKING YEARS Y’ALL!!! Good grief. All that work for 32 minutes of pure boredom and sheer fatigue…is that sadistic or what? Hahahaha!