I finally did it yesterday. I finally found enough attention capabilities to finish the 3.1 mile run. I jogged it at 5mph on the treadmill. With my headphones plugged in so I could watch a full episode of the old sitcom, “Hope and Faith.” It was enough of a distraction that I could actually make it through the 3.1 miles w/o becoming totally and completely bored.

But the point is.

I DID IT!  I ran the 5k yesterday on the treadmill. And I didn’t even stop to take a “breather”. I just jogged and never really started breathing heavy until the last quarter mile. That took a little bit of concentration and pacing, but for the most part it was an easy jog.

The race itself is this Sunday. Royce is still planning on running with me. Thank God. Because otherwise I really would be bored to death. I think Friday night I’m going to upload a bunch of new music to the iPod. And on Sunday night I want to go get another PEDICURE! HAHAHAHA

My poor feet deserve it. Even if the pedicure alone is enough to bring on an anxiety attack. I’ll make the sacrifice. Oh wait. I’m poor. So I’ll just fantasize about a pedicure. And save myself the anxiety attack. Hee hee.