Ok. So. I started The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. I wrote my thoughts down about the book a few days ago BEFORE I had actually read any of the book.

About 5 pages into the introduction it struck me WHY I found THEOLOGY in and of itself so enlightening to me, initially. Because the existential thinking that comes when one delves in the exegesis of Holy Scripture is always related directly back to Holy Scripture or some historically relevant information related to the Holy Scripture or … it’s existential thinking that is still tied down to Biblical Principles. Of course there is eisegesis too, but that’s totally different than exegesis. This is a good site that explains the difference between the two.

Anyway. I personally don’t want to experience existential thinking that leads to spiritual development that comes from a “circles of trees” nor the “Feminine Divine she gods” or the “Many Breasted Mother”!! I will never believe that God desires His daughters to pray to Him nor reference Him using pronouns such as “Mother, She, Her, etc.” If the “Feminine Divine” that Kidd speaks of is one that effeminates God, then I’m not interested. Because THAT is not a revelation of scripture which would lead a woman into the fulfillment of FEMINISM as God intended her to experience when He created her a separate and different creature set apart from the man. Not “man” but “THE man.”

But. I am going to finish the book. I realize now that it is going to hold a Great Truth that I need to read and understand. But it’s not at all the “truth” I thought was going to be revealed. There IS a side of women’s spirituality that is NOT discussed nor nurtured in our very patriarchal church – not to mention society in general. I fully believe that one can experience what could be called the “Feminine Divine” in the Male God who is our Father. The idea of that is so real to me that to let THAT truth sink in – there’s a physical response. I feel a warmth and a calm pass over me.

But more on all that later. I just wanted to give a quick note about the book. If you are thinking about reading the book – just let you know – it’s not at all Christian.

There is a reader’s guide that goes along with the book. I plan to just follow along with the reader’s guide and I will post the answers to the questions here on the blog as I go through the book.

I am also beginning to wonder if The Mermaid’s Chair wasn’t Sue Monk Kidd’s confession of some sort….