Oh my goodness!!!  The Vision Forum has NOTHING on The FLDS Cult that was just busted up!! 400 Children!??! WOW!  Now they are all in State of Tx. Custody and better off for it. What a shame. What a sham. Poor kids. I have had a really hard time assimilating back into the secular world after coming out of Reformed Cultology. I can’t imagine having to do that as a child. Especially as a young teenager. Hopefully “The System” will work better for these kids than “the church” has.

Yesterday the Therapist asked me if I was mad at God. Well I don’t think I’ve ever been outright MAD at God. Royally confused and thoroughly frustrated. But outright MAD? Don’t know. I don’t think so. I’ve noticed this is one of the Therapist’s favorite opening lines. It’s like…when he doesn’t know what else to talk about he just starts off with that. HAHAHA. I told him as much too. It was funny. But can you imagine these children?  Boy. There’s going to be some angry little spirits lashing around at their god’s feet. Hopefully, prayerfully, The Spirit will move and they will hear God and come to know HIM. God for who He is. Not some perverted god that Warren Jeffs made him out to be. Prayerfully, these 400 children – AND their mothers – can be set free from their captivity through not just the State, but also through Christ Jesus!!

Prayerfully. That’s really their only hope for salvation.

But at least, for what it’s worth, they now have a hope for a normal life – keeping “normal” in perspective though. And all of that thanks to the Great State of Texas. My God! I love this State!!! When no other State would take control of a horrible situation – it was Texas who finally stepped in and cleaned house. I remember all the little christians whining and crying and thrusting their fists in the air when Jeffs bought the compound out in Eldorado a few years ago. And I remember then, thinking, “Let them come. Texas is no pansy state. We’ll take care of THAT situation.” And  we have. And we are. And we will.

Keep praying for the 16yr old who blew the whistle. My bets are she is no longer living.