First I have to explain the title. It just begs an explanation, no?

Ok, so today is Maya Angelou’s birthday! HAPPY 80th Ms. Angelou! I love Maya Angelou. She is an amazing woman. I love to listen to her speak. She has the most beautiful voice in the world. To me anyway. Her voice, for some reason, sounds to me what the voice of all women should sound like. I was thinking last night that today I would look for a quote of hers to blog as the “Quote of the Day” in honor of her birthday!

Completely unrelated to that fact, I made a doctor’s appointment this morning for Wednesday, April 9th. This afternoon I got out my Franklin Planner and opened up to the 9th of April. On the “Daily Notes” page I started jotting down the issues I needed to talk to the Dr. about. At the top of every “Daily Notes” page is a quote from someone. And wouldn’t you know it – guess who is quoted on April 9th?? Maya Angelou!!

Which is why today’s quote post is titled the “Quote of Tomorrow” – because it comes from my planner page dated April 9th. It is also a “Quote of Yesterday” because it’s something that has already been said!! And it’s ALSO the Quote of Today because I’m posting it Today on Maya Angelou’s Birthday! I don’t know why – maybe it’s just ME showing you how freakishly insane my brain is in how it connects too many dots to too many things….but I just thought the whole thing was funny!!!

So. In honor of the GREAT Maya Angelou! Here is the QUOTE OF THE DAY (a little bit early on some accounts):

The one hand trying to wash itself is a pitiful spectacle, but when one hand washes the other, power is increased, and it becomes a force to be reckoned with.

— Maya Angelou