jewel1avcrop.jpgToday I had my first “official” pointe class with Dr. Tenniswood. The last time I took pointe class was…oh…13 years ago. Yeah. It’s been a while. It’s nice to take a pointe class from someone who KNOWS how to teach it though!! That makes a huge difference. Just because one can dance “en pointe” does not mean one can teach it!!

But, you know what’s funny? I definitely feel it and know it – I’m much stronger today, at 32, than I was at 19. I’ve worked very hard the last two years to get my physical body back in shape – to be strong. Not to for any other reason. But just to be strong. To be healthy. To have…muscle tone! More on that in a later post.

And yes, those are the same pointe shoes I have. Aren’t they pretty?? Sadly, they won’t look like that for long!! Oh, but those are not my feet. I should take a photo and blog my feet huh? I really am bad about keeping a record of my dancewear. And one should keep a record of it. Especially pointe shoes. It helps tremendously when going for new fittings to be able to tell the fitter what shoes you had before and what you need now. And for the record, even adult ballerinas should be fit for new shoes every 12-18 months as our feet change shape – ESPECIALLY when dancing on pointe!

So I thought I’d blog it here. I purchased Russian Pointe Shoes. The Model is the Almaz V-cut (no drawstring). It is a size 40, width 4. Vamp is a “2” and the Shank is “FS”. And I love them. They are so easy to roll through. I don’t really believe in “breaking in the box” unless the shoe is on your foot. If you can’t roll through the pointe shoe right away – with a bit of effort of course until the shoe softens up – but if you can’t actually do it and you have to resort to unnatural methods of “breaking in the box” – then my opinion is that you are dancing in the wrong shoe! You have a shoe that is stronger than your foot and that is a BAD THING!

Maybe tomorrow when I put them on to work in them a bit I will take a photo and blog it. That’d be cool. I don’t have very many pictures of me from ballet when I was a teenager/young adult. Isn’t that sad?

Oh and my college funding all came through. I am registered for orientation. I am going up to the school next week or after to talk to my Academic Advisor and get my Fall schedule worked out. SO WEIRD to be going back to college….

P.S. (Dated 4/1/08) And this is not a joke. But there are muscles in my legs and feet today that are tired that I didn’t even know existed!!!!  And I thought my legs were pretty cut. Considering the ballet/running thing and all. I mean, actually they are really strong. But still. Oh. My. Goodness. Forget weightlifting. I just need to take about 3 pointe classes /week. And to think I was only in the pointe shoes for about 20 minutes. Yikes!