David Kinsella has produced a video, Killing Girls. Description from his website reads: “Killing Girls” brings us into a late term abortion clinic for teenagers in Russia who will terminate their babies as late as 8 months in their pregnancy. This teenage abortion project from Russia will go into production in 2007.

Quoted from the website:

For the last 15 years the population in Russia has decreased at a catastrophical speed. The mortality rate is 200% larger than the birth rate. Some professionals say that if this continues, Russia will cease to exist as a nation within 50 years.

There are lots of reasons for this. Crime, alcoholism and illness, but most important; Russian women have almost stopped producing children. For instance in Norway there was less than 14.000 abortions in 2004. In St Petersburg, having the same population as Norway, there were 50.000 abortions according to official records. Researchers claim that the actual number is twice as high.

Some years back not many young women would think of having an abortion in late term pregnancy (more than 12 weeks). Now it is common to have late term abortions, – until more than 30 weeks of pregnancy.

In today’s Russia around 80% of the women have between 2 and 10 abortions in their life, some have as many as 40. Abortions are legal in Russia and they are for free, unlike contraception such as the pill or condoms.

To have a baby in Russia today is for many people synonymous to forget about career and dreams. A single mother will receive 10$ per month from the state. The official poverty level is 150$ per month. So what are the choices for a poor, young girl who gets pregnant?

In the Russian society only the most cynical survive.

There are several pieces of the film available for viewing on YouTube.com. I will not imbed the clips here on the blog due to the highly graphic and intense nature of the films. They are heart wrenching. The act of elective surgical/chemical abortion has truly created a social catastrophe of insurmountable proportions that has now affected the last 50 years and will, right now, definitely affect the next 200 years of social history. Can you imagine what God sees? On even an hourly basis? I’m so thankful, right now, that I’m ME and not Him.

Here is the link to David’s YouTube page:


I found it because he has a film about ballerinas as well, which I just sort of stumbled across.

I was really, actually, quite moved by his website, http://www.davidkinsella.com. Thank God for people like this who seem to be able to bring to surface the social horrors going on in the world that we should know about.  Without all the negative “God Hates F*gs” dialogue or blowing up of abortion clinics drama with them.