….until I completely embarrass myself by attempting to run the 5k.

So weeks 4 and 3 before the race I didn’t run at all. Just didn’t have the time make the time to. Now I’m hurtin’. LOL! But that’s OK. One way or another – if I have to walk across that finish line an hour later – I’m gonna do it. It’s not like I’m going to know anyone there anyway!!

Amazingly, I’ve continued to decrease in size, but maintain my weight. I’m hangin’ around 128lbs. But I generally wear a size 4 in pants/shorts now where as, a few months ago a size 6 fit just fine. Now a 6 is kinda big and 4 fits better. It’s really hard to not get hung up on numbers though, isn’t it?? Every couple of mornings I say, “Man. 128 STILL??” And then I think – what?? 128 is just fine. Get over it!! But I really really really want to partner in pointe – and to do that – you need to be about 110-115 lbs. Crazy huh?

I’m starting to think my partnering days are over.  🙂