I don’t feel like researching this myself. Jennifer – can you answer?

Why was Easter THIS weekend and Passover isn’t until sometime in April?? Aren’t the two events really interconnected?  Have I somehow become delusional regarding Church History and have begun mixing things up to suit myself? (This is a possibility folks as many things I used to have hammered out in my little pea brain have become jumbled up since being kicked out of Theology 101 upon defecting from those whom we no longer speak of….) THANK GOD FOR THAT!! (Being kicked out, defecting and getting all my smarts mixed up! It’s much more fun this way!!)

People may wonder why I link back to The Village. Well. You’d have to have experienced IT and then watched the movie to understand. But those who know, know what I’m talking about! And those whom I no longer speak of know what I’m talking about too!

(The italicized part is a quote from the movie.)