Yes. Those are my toes.
Yes. They have survived their first REAL pedicure.
Yes. They have toenail polish on them. *French Tips* as they say.
Yes. They are pretty cute.
If you’re into that sort of thing.

No. It was not relaxing.
No. It was not refreshing.
But Yes! I probably WILL do it again.

But so seriously – here’s my rant AND RAVE about losing my “pedicure virginity.” As with all first times, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. Well….actually now that I’m thinking about it… I do have to say that … oh wait.. Ahem. Nevermind. Not going there.

Back to the Pedicure!!

First off…the chair was so very uncomfortable – complete with big hard balls in the back that were supposed to massage my muscles I think – but since that hurt, I simply turned off the massager and sat at an awkward angle the rest of my “sentance.” (Get it??) Which resulted in my neck being really tense!!!

Then, the water in the “jacuzzi style bath” was so very hot that my skin was red and swollen after just a few minutes and I was literally sweating beads. My feet were burning!!! And that was even AFTER I asked the lady to turn the water temp. down THREE times!

And naturally, not surprisingly albeit disgustingly…the tools they used to clean my toes were not sterilized!!!!  EWWWW!!! It was so distrubing! I’m trying to remember…did the guy wear gloves – I want to say that he did not have on gloves, but I could be wrong. He…no. You know what. He did NOT wear gloves before he *pampered* my feet!! How gross.

I, personally, would gladly pay an extra $2.00 fee to ensure that the tools being used to clean my feet have been sterilized – like Dentists are required to do before they reuse the teeth cleaning tools….same thing. A little UV Light never hurt surgical steel tools before – but lack of UV Light can certainly bring doom to my 10 toes….

When the guy caring for my feet picked up the pumice stone and started scrubbing my feet with it – I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack!!  I was laughing on the outside, but turning and churning on the inside!  Just who else’s dead skin cells were ON that pumice stone. Want to know how he *cleaned* it?? After he was done giving my feet a good scrub – he put my feet in the water and scrubbed them some more. I’m thinking this was his way of cleaning off the pumice stone. In the water that my dirty feet had been soaking in. Yeah. Real smart.

Confession. I’m a closeted neat freak. Not always successful at my innermost desire. But it’s there. Buried deep down.

And then the paint job. White tips. That’s all. Thank you. No. NO. NO!!!!  No I really do NOT want a flower of any type painted on my big toes. No – no design either. Really! Yes, I’m sure!

Oh … you want me to put on THOSE shoes?? Where were my flip flops?? I wore them specifically for this purpose!  Oh well. I’d ask him to wait a minute – but that would be a moot point because he clearly doesn’t speak any bit of english. Except, of course, when he says, “That will be $30 for you.”

Thank goodness we found someplace to have some drinks afterwards b/c if we had not – I was headed home to take a double helping of Xanax.

Brandy – now you know what I meant when I said, “If I do this again, I’ll have to pop a Xanax first!”  That’s what all was going through my head the whole time.  I was totally grossed out by it all!!!

But – all that aside — I had SO. MUCH. FUN. with Brandy and Sam. They are a blast!! And I will totally risk a toe infection again for you girls. Well. I’ll go to the salon with you anyway….and live vicariously through you!!  Or – maybe we can just go to someplace a little more… clean? Where they might actually speak English?? I don’t mind paying a few dollars more for such lavish accomodations!

I’m not knocking last night – it was kind of spur of the moment and so we just rolled with it – perhaps a little better planning would be handy next time!!

But in the meantime.
My 10 little piggies sure are cute!
I wonder how the paint job will hold up to the pressure of pointe work??? We’ll find out this next week I guess!!