Doesn’t that title sound just absolutely HORRIBLE???? I know. I know. But I laughed when I typed it out. It seems fitting for what I’m about to confess.

It has just occurred to me that I haven’t taught Claire, our 3 yr old, one thing about Easter. Not anything at all. Not one mention of Passover, the Crucifixion nor the Resurrection. I haven’t even talked to her about the silly Easter bunny!!! She hasn’t a clue that on Sunday she, being an American child, has a natural entitlement to a basket full of green grass of which she can then use to hunt down and fill up with little plastic eggs that hold treats inside! Or that I, as an American Parent, has failed to fill the obligation of outfitting her in a brand new Easter dress and taking her to church on Sunday. Nor does she realize that we have gone to great lengths to avoid any mention of dying Easter eggs (an activity that I TRULY dislike!). We did decorate cupcakes the other day – but I don’t think she quite made the connection. Naturally, that’d be a hard one to pick up on at the age of 3. Or 32. I’m just saying…

She has not a clue that we set aside this time of year to remember what GOD did for us. And what Jesus did for us in obedience to His father as a testimony of his love for his father and for us. I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t inherently WANT to carry that cross to Calvary – but he did have a deep and abiding love for his Father and was willing to do whatever it was God required of him.

And it has also JUST occurred to me that considering the following: we aren’t planning an Easter egg hunt (we are going to simplify things with a pinata!)….I didn’t go shopping for dresses (why? the next day they’ll be on sale!!)….we aren’t even going to church (we’ll be out of town – but honestly – if we were in town – we wouldn’t go. The church we are attending is using Easter Sunday as an evangelizing tool…so…yeah…not really my thing…sorry if that sounds really tacky. just being honest.)…I am probably the most UnChristian Christian I’ve ever met. What kind of Christian averts all aspects of Easter for no good reason? I know many who refuse to celebrate it due to religious beliefs. Ok. I’m cool with that. I mean – I don’t agree with you but I get it. Whatever. But it has also occurred to me that THIS YEAR Claire certainly isn’t going to get any holiday enthusiasm from me.

**Banging head against that proverbial wall**

Seriously. That’s just terrible.

Next year I’ll have to do something about it.

Until then – I’m going to enjoy my relaxed Easter. Thank goodness Claire’s only 3. There’s still time to fill in my deficits. God’s already doing it anyway!

At least this year’s Easter post isn’t as bad as Last Year’s Easter Post!! Maybe eventually we’ll get back around to something more like the post from 2006….