I spent the weekend in Denton at a ballet seminar and had a really great time while there. But I’m back home and it’s time to get on with real life. I wish I could always be a ballerina, every day, but … yeah. I’m way past the fantasy stage of life.

Speaking of fantasy life…while driving back home from Denton, I realized that I really do want to study music and so I think I might just make that my minor. No instrument though – too much to take on at such a late stage in life (ha!). But I love to sing and actually have a really good voice – and so…you know what?? I think I’m going to add that to my overachiever’s list of things I will do.

Yeah so anyway. I’m home now and the list of things I really HAVE to get finished up somehow doubled while I was in Denton. It’s interesting when you step out of your “reality” how much you really see that you need to be doing. It was good to get away from the family and all that for a few days – even if I was there for a ballet seminar – I had a lot of downtime to myself and was able to get some planning done on projects, goals, family stuff, personal stuff, etc, that I never have time (or rather make time) to do when I’m home. So – that was good.

Funny. I didn’t even miss my kids. HAHAHA Is that bad?? I don’t know. It’s just reality. Mom’s need breaks from motherhood. I know that makes some people really nervous to hear a Christian Mom advocating that Christian Mothers step away from their families for a few days – but it’s very important that we do!!  Seriously – 5 hours to Denton and 7 hours back…I spent a LOT of time singing to, talking with and just hangin’ out with my Father. It was a good car ride. Long. But good.

You know, I remember a time when I would have BALKED at the very idea and consequentially judged the Christian woman who would have even SUGGESTED such a thing as to leave my family for some “me time.” I used to believe that it wasn’t “godly” to separate yourself from your family but rather it was selfish and sinful and I seriously believed that if women were driven to a point where they needed to leave their families to find refreshment, then what those women really needed was a spiritual reality check and they should fall on their face before God begging Him for his mercy and grace and fulfillment – and ask for His forgiveness for being so self-centered and selfish.

HOGWASH!! That’s total hogwash and any Christian woman who would dare say that to another woman will one day have to come to terms with the bondage she herself tied another sister to. She will have to face the reality that she caused a Christian sister to stumble with such preaching and condemnation. There’s nothing “godly” or “ungodly” about any of it! The Christians who turn such minute issues into huge sins are committing a grave sin – and they will one day see the ugly weeds that those unbiblical seeds they planted yielded. And they will have to deal with that revelation. But thank God for His mercy because He will extend it to those Sisters who are walking in the darkness and who are in bondage. Even though they might be saved – they still walk in bondage having not given their hearts totally to Jesus. And whatever they bind up here will be bound up in heaven. They will deal with it. One day I will see all that I have done – all the fruit and weeds that I have sown. Lord knows I’ve done my fair share of planting ugly weeds.

So glad I’m free of all that baggage. Sorry to get so preachy on you.

Well I’m off to bed. Tomorrow my niece and I are going to paint the entryway and hallway, bake cupcakes with the little girls, and get my sunroom decluttered and everything moved into the attic. Along with laundry, general household duties, and all the wonderful conversations that comes out of being busy about the business of running a household with teenagers by your side.  God bless the teenagers. They have such a long road ahead of them….