Nonsensical Sentimentality

if i had a perfect life
i don’t think i’d know what to do with a situation like this either
she is the type of woman that the feminist are so totally offended by
she really is a SMALL person
you really haven’t a clue
she is unable to handle much
she’s stunted –
it’s weird

i think i could be totally jaded
but i’m not

poor woman.
she tries.
she’s just always on some other fringe of reality.

Disclaimer: This poem may bear a close likeness to you, yourself or others. However, there was not one, but many faces that came to mind when it was written. Perhaps even I, myself, was my first consideration. However, considering this poem has been co-authored, that is, naturally, a very hard thing to distinguish.


  1. Hey Sarah! I added a disclaimer. It really shouldn’t mean anything I suppose. It came from a conversation regarding how people can be selfish and self centered and judgmental – and they really don’t know any different b/c the plank that was in their eye was there so long that it rotted out their eye and they’ve forgotten about it entirely by this point – now being used to seeing with their one perfect eye. and how even in today’s age some women will still prefer to hide behind the “well my husband…” veil because they have futile and infantile minds and can’t think for themselves in any manner of sensibilities or logic. when they run out of things to say – they play the “submissive wife card” even though their husband probably doesn’t give a flip about the issue and probably isn’t even in any way involved.

    and they think they are more godly than others.

    i’m not sure what to do with women who would judge/manipulate others for their own gain. those sort of people simply perpetuate the feminist belief that married housewives are nothing more than leeches who suck the blood out of society….

    you know – because if she were a gossipy career woman she wouldn’t have offended me! hahahahaha


    See. Really. It’s just me ranting.


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