I  used to have a website with that title. I bought the domain and everything. I was gonna write a book featuring the testimonies of women who had forsaken feminism and worldliness and had turned their lives over to God.

That book project, which I KNOW that God had called me to task on – was the beginning of my undoing. There’s a lot to unpack in that one sentence and this post is not even going to touch on it. Except to say that really, it was just another example of how God likes to deal with me.

So, I’m thinking now of starting a new category here on my blog called Godly Womanhood: Revisited. As this seemingly natural progression from extreme secular living to extreme legalism and now making my way back to somewhere in the middle of both is occurring, I think I’m ready to start writing about it. And honestly share with readers why I am very aware of the process. Someone needs to talk about it. Especially as a counter to the Christian women who would teach others through their writings that there is a pure and perfect walk a Christian today, in 2008, should be living.

It may even spawn off into it’s own blog. I don’t know. I just think people need to be talking about it. There are so many moms caught up in the picturesque lifestyle that can be easily painted with words but so completely unattainable in real life. Those women are stumbling all over their own two feet – and generally all over their husbands’ feet – as they strive towards Godly Womanhood.

I’m getting the inkling that it’s time to start dispelling the myths surrounding this fallacy.