AH! I’m so pathetic!  Well I never got my UBP post written and now the weekend is over and the week is almost here and that means that blogging will be at a standstill for the next few days!  Sorry!  I missed my own party. Well that’s how it goes sometimes and that’s why I am so terrible about keeping up with themed posts. I feel like a slave to the blog, and I think I naturally rebel??? hee hee…. Go to the site though and check out the other blogs!!  I’ve read a few, they are really really cute!!


Ultimate Blog Party 2008

I will have my UBP Post up tomorrow and I hope you all come back! And! You are duly invited to participate. Simply click the link above, or in the side bar, to find out more information on how you can host your OWN UBP’08! If enough SA bloggers appear on the scene – we may have to hit it up for a real life SA Blogger Party! Wouldn’t that be fun! I’m all for meeting real live bloggers and THEN getting hooked on their daily rants, raves and nonsensical musings!