Every blog these days seems to have a “Statement of Faith”. Not wanting to be out of the loop, I’ve decided to post my OWN Statement of Faith. Enjoy HA!

I should probably go through and hyperlink up all the Scripture that correlates to the things below. Maybe I’ll get around to it.

  1. I believe in God. Like as in GOD. Not Muslim’s allah or the Hindu god or the Buddhist god or whatever – I don’t even know what all their names are. But God. As in the “I am that I am” God.
  2. I try not to have any other gods before Him but sometimes I do. It’s part of life. I just have to double check all the time to make sure HE is first. Sometimes I have to ask His forgiveness for putting him in 2nd place.
  3. He loves me and He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for me so that I would not spend an eternity in the lake of fire gnashing my teeth and screaming in endless agonizing pain. He wasn’t figuratively speaking when He said, “Lake of Fire.” Johnny Cash didn’t coin that phrase.
  4. Jesus’ sole purpose on coming to Earth was to restore us to God. That was it. It had already been prophesied – and he fulfilled all that was expected of him. But He was not sent to establish a Church nor to bring us a Sacred Text. He came to provide a means of restoration to a broken relationship between me and my Heavenly Father. A mediator who paid with his very life for my all my sins – my sins of the past, present and those I will undoubtedly commit in the future. The Church was already established. The Sacred Text had already been written. It was the separation of the bride and groom that Christ came to reconcile.
  5. I believe that we are called by God out of sin, but we must choose to accept that Christ is our Saviour. Without Christ – there can be no restoration – no relationship. And God will never force Himself upon us. He loves us too much. I believe that the Elected must choose to be saved. That’s an oxymoron isn’t it. Well. That’s where I stand. A Free Willing Calvinist or a Reformed Armenian. However you want to put it.
  6. I think the 10 Commandments are important but I don’t really do a good job at keeping the Law too well. I try though. Praise God for HIS grace.
  7. I do not believe in any organized religion. Including all Christian-themed religions, including everything from the highly structured catholic church to free rolling evangelical “non-denominational” religions.
  8. On the flip side though, I do believe in corporate worship (otherwise known as church). But I only believe that we are required to participate in Spiritual Worship and Exhortation from the Word. However you go about it is between you and God. Anything more is not necessary. Not necessarily wrong  — just not necessary.  “Worship and the Word” leaves lots of room for exploration and interpretation anyway.
  9. To Be Continued….