So I found a new blog today thanks to some old friends of mine and I have to say – it was a breath of fresh air! The author even links to a website called BookSl*t which I won’t link to but you can look up if you want. I just thought it was refreshing to “meet” another Christian who isn’t afraid to just BE HERSELF online.

Ok I’m assuming that she is truly being transparent. I figure anyone who is openly Christian AND links to a place called BookSl*t must be pretty gutsy! I’m not sure that even I would have the nerve to do that for fear of someone here in town passing judgment against me. I guess after being the recipient of so much over the past couple of years as I defected from the cult theology we had attached ourselves to, I am a little guarded about just laying it all out there!

Anyway – I am sure I will cause someones feathers to ruffle – but I really like it. Here’s the blog:

Talking to myself…