I quit my job serving at That Restaurant I Won’t Name on the blog. I quit on February 15th. February 14th had to be my most embarrassing night ever as a server. I actually ran out of excuses and had to tell my table, flat out, “I honestly don’t know what to say. We have 6 cooks on the line AND the district manager…and they can’t seem to process the tickets. I know you’ve been waiting over 45 minutes for your food. But I will see to it that when it DOES arrive – it’s smoking hot!” And I did. And they were OK. But it was horrible. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

And to think I had volunteered to work that night!!!

I closed that nigh and by 11pm I was actually feeling really rough. I got home and fell into bed – which never happens. The next morning I woke up very very sick and by Friday afternoon realized I would not be able to go to work. So I called them to let them know. First time in 7 months I had called in to miss a shift. And they actually gave me the run around about it!

I wondered, while I was laying in my bed with a fever, chills, and a sore/swollen throat, what other restaurants allow demand that their servers wait tables while carrying contagious illnesses?? I know one that does. I have seen girls at work throw up from a stomach virus, wash their hands, and deliver food to a table. I have seen girls with The Flu, bartending because the manager refused to let her go home. Even though she was running a fever, glassy eyed, and suffering from severe chills. I have known servers who KNOWINGLY waited tables, and worked in our restaurant, while carrying lice in their hair. And this is a NICE RESTAURANT! I didn’t work at Chili’s or any other chain restaurant. I worked at a privately owned, semi-upscale, restaurant! We would laugh because we couldn’t actually afford to eat there – even with my “generous” discount!

And the managers actually wanted me to come to work and serve food while carrying what turned out to be Strep Throat! How ridiculous and how offensive and how disgusting!

And so I quit. They wanted a Dr’s note – and instead I just returned their request with a “please take me off the schedule – permanently.”

Did I really need to remind them that they only pay me $2.13/hr? Did they think that they weren’t replaceable as my employers? It was so ridiculous.

But then – that’s the restaurant industry. I actually LOVE waiting tables. It’s really a lot of fun. And actually, truthfully, dealing with incompetent employees and managers is actually more difficult than the customers!!

So I just up and quit. I’ve never just quit a job like that before. It was really liberating! And I’ve really enjoyed being home full time again.

But. I kind of really miss working. And my friend emailed me today saying she had an opening where she worked (another upscale restaurant) and wanted to know if I would consider coming to apply. So now – I’m debating what to do. Royce says either way is fine with him. I can work or not. He said we’ll make it work either way. It will be very tight – but it’s doable. But it is so nice to have the extra spending cash and not be strapped every month. It was nice to be able to go buy clothes that I needed without taking money from the family budget. So, I don’t know. I’m not sure what to do!

For now, it’s 1am and I’m finally tired. So I think I’ll sleep on it and pray about it some more. Maybe I’ll know what I want to do by the end of the weekend.