…is a working oxymoron.

And by that I mean that we all deal with fear. It’s not an “absolute” oxymoron as in to say that no Christian ever experiences fear. But if you actually identify yourself as a Fearful Christian then … well… you better rethink your spiritual positioning. Because you can not be living in fear and serving God at the same time. You can’t have two masters. You can’t walk by fear. You are supposed to be walking by FAITH. Christians walk by Faith. Fear should carry absolutely NO REAL WEIGHT in the Christian’s life. Not in their relationship with God. Not in their own personal daily sanctification. And NOT in the ballot box!

And, well….that’s all I have to say about THAT.

Stepping off my soapbox now. This is what happens when I try to keep up with my former life too much. Reading the blogs that belong to certain people reminded me of all the reasons why I stepped away from it (my former Christian fellowship), and all the fear that kept me bound up in it.

Oh Pride! It’s such a deceitful and wicked enemy of The Cross.