I really can’t think of ANY other way to title this post!

Announcing – Kate’s Frosting! A seemingly quaint little cupcake shop in downtown San Antonio!

From the article in the SAN ANTONIO CURRENT:

Let them eat cupcake!

Antonia Padilla
Four-year-old Rita Seringer eyes the cupcakes on display at Kate’s Frosting.

By Kiko Martinez

“I think my grandpa would like chocolate,” proclaims 4-year-old Rita Seringer as she and her little sister press their faces against the bakery’s display case in search of the perfect cupcake for their pappy’s birthday party.

Kate-Frost Feild, owner of Kate’s Frosting, a cupcake-exclusive store north of downtown, smiles at her young customers as their eyes skim across rows of the colorful pint-sized snacks. “That does sound like a good grandpa flavor,” Feild agrees.

Kate’s Frosting isn’t your traditional bakery or panaderia mexicana. You won’t find sticky buns or empanadas de calabaza anywhere in the shop. Instead, Feild casts the spotlight on an iced pastry she considers “cute and portion-controlled.”

Currently, she offers four daily cupcakes: vanilla, chocolate, Ruby Slipper (red velvet), and the Jessica Rabbit (carrot cake). Every day, Feild and her loyal baking crew add a different specialty cupcake to their repertoire, such as espresso or Almond Joy. (**my notes:  OMGoodness!  Espresso cupcake with dark chocolate icing…mmmm….I can’t wait to go!!!)

Kate’s Frosting
2518 N. Main
10am-6pm Mon-Sat
(210) 248-9809

And yes. I realize this post is in complete contradiction to the “3yrs, 53lbs lighter” post below. But as Kate herself said, and SHE’S the expert here:  PORTION CONTROL!! (I’ll only eat one AND I’ll have skim/nonfat milk to go with it!!  Now you see why it took 3 yrs to lose the weight!!!  On the flipside, you also see how I lost the 50+lbs!! Keepin’ it positive folks…)

Seriously though, I can’t wait to go. Actually I might try and take Royce there on a date. This would be a fun surprise. He rarely reads the blog so it’s unlikely he’ll find out about my plans [although I will say – he has been reading a lot more lately – kudos for Royce] and he LOVES cupcakes!!!

The article suggested this location as a nice place for a planned PlayDate with other Moms and Tots. Truthfully — I can’t think of anything more unpleasant than to meet a bunch of mommies at a cupcake shop, fill the kids up with sugar, and then expect them to behave like adults so that I can have a nice “ChatDate” with the other mommies present. That sounds like disaster waiting to happen, for all involved. Talk about some unrealistic expectations. Unless the mommies also let their hair down and go wild when the sugar kicks in, I’m pretty sure that a playdate at a cupcake shop is a BAD idea!

Ladies, if you are considering doing something so insane – take some advice. Plan a playdate at a park and have 1 mom pick up a tray of cupcakes on her way TO the park…that way after the sugar kicks in YOU won’t be kicking the kids out!  HAHAHAHA!

But it would also make a nice place to take a kid for “mommy/child” date, wouldn’t it?! That would be fun. So much better than dragging them into the dreaded atmosphere that is always present at ANY Starbucks (which, of course, the kids think is the ultimate treat. UGH!)