No one really values the real value of a Stay at Home Mom until they really have to take advantage of the value of the availability of the Stay at Home Mom – then they finally see the value…but usually only momentarily. Such is the reality – but should not be the reality – of the personhood of the Stay at Home Mom.

 Me talking to Royce.

Make sense? Ring a cord?? Too abstract?

Royce and I were discussing how difficult it will be when/if I begin a “real job” (as in M-F 8-5pm) outside of the home. And how it will adversely affect his career when he’s the one who is having to constantly rearrange HIS schedule due to sick kids, Dr. appts, injuries, home repairs, home maintenance, etc., b/c I will not always be able to just call in sick when one of the kids has to stay home from school due to illness.

It has been suggested in some studies that men who have wives at home do FAR BETTER in the work force than their “dual-income” counterparts. And it also opens the door for discussion as to why women are still not paid equally as men for the same job. I have my own thoughts about that.

I still want to pursue teaching/learning ballet. I think, though, that it became quite apparent last night – to a certain someone – that the idea of me being available to simply go to work day in and day out from 8-5 and have a steady job is really just not going to happen while we have a house full of small children. Now, as the girls get older, things wil change. I don’t believe that women should NEVER work and forsake all careers outside of the home.

But. In so much as I have changed over the last 2 years…in my transformation from doormat wife to The Woman in this Home … I still firmly hold fast that motherhood is a high calling and that it is one that can NOT be simply swept under the rug as just something else on the “to do list” for each day. It can not be forsaken for a career. A career can come – but it has to be built around the needs and demands of motherhood. NOT the other way around. To do so, otherwise, leaves the children to suffer, the family to suffer – and I firmly believe … deep down… the mother to suffer.

So there’s my rant for the day. Now I need to go try to call the Dr. for the umpteenth time this morning – trying to get Hannah in b/c she needs to be checked out to see if she has strep or not…