The training isn’t going like I had expected it would this week. But it IS going like it usually does!!

I ran Weds. night. I ran the entire program and was hurting, terribly, by the end. My head was pounding. Thought the back of my head was going to explode. Took all night to recover from it. I just thought I had overdone it – I procrastinated and waited until the end of the day to run – and I thought I was just tired, my body was tired, etc.

So. Long story short. I was in the bed all day Friday with a fever, sore throat, ear pain and sinus pressure. By Sat. morning I was sitting in the waiting room at the local Tx. Med Clinic waiting for the good Dr. to confirm what I suspected. A good ol’ case of Strep Throat. Yay for me!

And now Adri is complaining of symptoms. Looks like another fun week of sick kids ahead.

But at least I have meds and am feeling better already and by Tuesday should be ready for running. Maybe next week I’ll be able to run an entire weeks worth of training!! But if this season goes like all the other seasons – I don’t know….I think I really should consider training for an early fall 5k and train over the summer when everyone is generally well!!! LOL!