I was thinking today that it was in January of 2005 that I weighed in at 181lbs and

decided enough was enough…and I was going to get my body back in shape. I’m only 5’5″. And I have a small frame – so 181 lbs is a lot of weight. It’s hard to imagine that I was carrying 53 extra pounds on my body. Even harder to imagine that it’s taken me 3 years to get it off. You know, with some REAL dedication and REAL hard work – one could drop that weight in 1 year.  🙂 But I would take breaks here and there – I tend to get burnt out on long-term projects. hee hee

I am down to 128lbs now. If it weren’t for ballet, I wouldn’t even worry about dropping anymore weight. I’m perfectly content where I am now. But there are still times

when I remember my PreBaby days and I need a little perspective on how far I’ve come. So, just for fun, I thought I’d share with you a few photos. I went back to my photofiles from January 2005 – and found these 2 photos! They were taken at my sister’s wedding rehearsal. Claire is in the 2nd photo – she was just a baby!!

And OH MY GOODNESS!!! (Bet you thought I was gonna say OMG!)  I can’t believe how… well … ROUND I was!!  Sheesh!  Royce has taken Tuesday and Weds. of this week off just so that he and I can spend some time together. While we’re out running around, I’ll get him to take a photo of me, holding Claire. Just for perspective!  But just compare that to the photo that Hannah took of me and Claire in December – and what a difference!!



And below…almost 50lbs lighter. I was about 135 in this photo. I actually have a jaw line!! And what appears to be a neck that actually looks like a different body part from my head and shoulders!!  HAHAHAHA!

Claire and Mommy