…that I make is going to be YOGA TOES!!


I’m serious!  I think these look AMAZING!

The cost is obnoxious ($50!!!) but I have a coupon code!!  Enter US677 and receive $15.00 off the purchase price. Knocks it down to $34.99. Still – that’s more than I pay for SHOES! But – I am thinking about upcoming pointe shoes I’m going to be wearing soon and the compression on my toes because of it and honestly – I am definitely going to order some Yoga Toes!

Royce said he thought they were funny looking sandals. HAHAHA. What a goofball.

And no – I’m not getting any revenue from the sale of these. I found the coupon code in the back of a US Weekly mag that I was flipping through while my Mom was getting a pedicure!