There are only 9 weeks left until the 5k run! I took last week off from training because there was just so much “behind the scenes drama” going on in the family that I was emotionally drained as well as physically exhausted from everyone being sick with the flu. I decided to just take a break. So this week we’re back to training!

Today I’m babysitting my nephews again – and IF I can get them to both go down for a nap together at the same time this afternoon I will run today, otherwise I’ll stick to my Weds/Fri/Sun routine.

The training intervals are getting longer and long runs are difficult for me. I can get into a steady gait and regulate my breathing without having to even think about it anymore – it’s like muscle memory almost. I start running and my body just goes into 2nd gear or whatever. So then, the run becomes a mind game – I can actually get BORED while running and struggle to stay focused and not stop and just go do something else more….stimulating. I really do well on the 90 second intervals, but a 3 minute or longer run causes my mind to wander and my interest level in the training to drop significantly. It really is a mental challenge for me. I’m “running retarded” I guess!

There are ways to distract myself on long runs – using an mp3 player or watching TV or my favorite – taping a prayer card to the treadmill and finally going down that prayer list I’ve been meaning to get to for days. But sometimes I just like to talk to God while I’m running. About life. Royce. Marriage. Kids. Schooling. My purpose in this season. Women’s purpose in general. Etc. So on. And so forth. And that’s kind of fun to. And if I can get my mind working in that direction, the 5 minute run goes by faster than I realize. It’s when I stay too focused on the seconds ticking by that the 5 minutes seems like 60 minutes.

I really don’t think I could ever run a marathon!!! I’m pretty sure a 5k is my limit. πŸ™‚

And on a brighter note…I am totally enjoying the benefits of training for a 5k. My stamina in ballet has greatly improved, I’m down to 129 lbs and all my jeans are way too big. I haven’t been in the 120’s since BEFORE I got pregnant with Ean over 9 years ago!

Upon reflection…you know…the only things I’ve changed for 2008Β  have been:

  • NO ALCOHOL at all.Β  Long story but no, I’m not a recovering alcoholic! I have had…3??…drinks, socially, since then. But they were small, and really nothing to write home about.
  • No eating after 7pm. I haven’t been able to really stick to this b/c I work late into the evenings and I’m almost always hungry after I get off work – so I usually have something to eat at midnight. I TRY to eat something raw – like a banana or apple or salad – but last night it was Girl Scout Cookies. What can I say. I’m human.
  • Train for the 5k. The training provides consistent workouts 3x/week, for about 30 mins. each session. It’s really not too big of a commitment. I’m not always 100% perfect with the training schedule – or with following each training run perfectly – but the benefits have been worth the effort.

So my “dieting” hasn’t really been very stringent. I eat what I want, but I watch the portion sizes. I don’t freak out if I over-indulge, I am just human. I just don’t do it on a regular (daily) basis. And I just apply the 3 points above to my weekly routine. I am also teaching ballet on Thursdays from 10:30am-4pm, and taking ballet on Mondays from 9:30-11am and am about to add in a Weds. afternoon class. But ballet isn’t really “fat burning” exercise. It’s great for toning and flexibility though!