This is for you KB, you know who you are…..

How the “New Sarah” applies theories learned at “the church we no longer speak of.

Consider the following scenario:

Sarah becomes fearful of her children being educated in the public school system now since she has presently “abandoned” the home schooling arena. She begins to experience deep anxiety and self-doubt. She begins to question her very salvation. She begins to wonder … is there even a GOD?

She remembers “Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy” and immediately puts it into action.

She starts to talk to God about her fears (orthodoxy) and pops a few Xanax (orthopraxy).

She calms down. Starts to realize that God is still in control of her life. Remembers that Christ loves her and died for her. Remembers that God is in control of her CHILDREN’S lives. And she reminds herself that anxiety is a real medical condition that can be triggered from deep rooted emotional issues which, for Sarah, are linked to her own experiences in dealing with spiritual abuse. She thanks God for His overall mercy in her life and for His consolation in this specific moment.

Then she goes on about her day. Knowing this episode will repeat itself soon enough. But reminding herself that God is ALWAYS present – simply waiting for her to engage Him in a conversation.

In the multitude of my anxieties within me,
Your comforts delight my soul.

Psalm 94:19


P.S. Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy are big words that simply refer to your belief system (orthodoxy) and the practical application of that belief system (orthopraxy). PLEASE note the sarcasm in this post. I don’t REALLY believe that taking Xanax is a REAL application of my belief in God. This post has a deeper meaning to it and KB, and others who have come out of spiritually abusive churches, will enjoy the humor.