WHOO HOO! I knew this was coming up soon – and am SO excited to post a prelude to our family outing next week!!

e’ve already done this once before and I fully intend to celebrate this family holiday (not to be confused with a HOLY day!) with the kids again! EVEN IF they are technically supposed to be in school! The celebration lasts from 7am-10pm, so I haven’t decided if we’ll hit IHOP for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I’m thinking of actually pulling them out of school and having BRUNCH with them and then taking them back to school all hyped up on syrup. If I didn’t LOVE their teachers, I just might do that!

This is Ihop’s national fund raiser for The Children’s Miracle Network. We made a $5 donation which we dropped in a box at the front door – and no one knew how “little” our donation was. Then we all ordered water so that we didn’t have to pay for ANY food. Plus we tipped the waitress $10 – so all in all it did cost us $15 for pancakes at IHOP. But that’s a lot cheaper than normal. I think the last time we ate at IHOP with all the kids, breakfast was like $50. Yeah. We’ve not done THAT again!  Please!  For eggs, bacon and pancakes?? YIKES!

You know another really great and wonderful dining experience that I LOVE is Sonic’s Happy Hour and I am AMAZED at how many people simply do not know about it!!! Half-price sodas and slushies at Sonic EVERY DAY from 2pm-4pm. We’ve made a weekly trip out of it on Fridays after school. Pick the kids up. Head to Sonic for Slushies. Stop by the library to get books for the weekend. Play at the park a little. And then head home. It’s a great way to start our weekend. I took a huge Route 44 to work yesterday and told all the girls there that it was only $.96 and they all flipped out – no one was even aware! (Yes, I know I get free soda at work – but they don’t have diet cherry flavoring to add to the diet coke and Sonic does….)