Royce got the flu shot this fall – because he always brings it home from work and gets everyone sick. So we thought we’d try it – he took the flu shot and he’s doing great. The kids, however, were exposed to the flu at school and it’s been a week of illness over here now. First Ean and now Hannah. I’m waiting on Claire and Adri to start feeling bad. We went to the Dr. today and he gave me 2 prescriptions for TamiFlu. He said it was too late for Hannah to take the medication – but if me, Adri, Claire or Royce started to feel bad, to just fill the prescription and start taking it immediately.

I would relent and have all the kids vaccinated against the flu – it’s tempting – except that when Royce got the flu shot, he broke out in hives – apparently he’s allergic to something in the flu shot. And our family Dr just shrugged his shoulders today when I said, “Oh I should have just had them vaccinated for the flu since they were going to be in school.” And he said, “It may  not have mattered. 50% of my patients who are sick with the flu HAD the flu shot….and the strain of flu that is going around is actually part of the vaccine!”

So – oh well.

And honestly I haven’t felt great for the past couple of days – but I haven’t run a fever. Just feel a little uneasy. My energy is down a bit and I just don’t feel “myself”. It could be that I’m tired from taking care of sick kids all week??

I think taking the Sambucol all week has helped keep the flu at bay. I love that stuff. I’m picking up more of it tomorrow and Emergen-C packets and we’re all going to start downing both supplements. We’ve used Sambucol successfully before in treating Chicken Pox, cold viruses and tummy viruses. And Emergen-C is a super effective vitamin C booster.It also gives an energy boost. Maybe I’ll pick some up on my way to work tonight b/c I really don’t feel like serving food to the general public tonight. I should call in sick but … no.

Doesn’t that make you, the general public who dine at restaurants, feel great knowing that your server could be serving you KNOWING all the while he or she has been exposed to and could be carrying the flu virus??  :S