I’m drinking my morning cup of coffee, which I have about 5 out of 7 days of the week. It’s totally unhealthy. Caffeinated. With Splenda. And Sugar Free Caramel Creamer added by the tablespoon. (Only 1 tbsp though – then the coffee only has 35 cals. to it and works as a WONDERFUL appetite suppressant!) A wonderful dieting tip I learned last year was to drink decaf coffee sweetened with Splenda, a sugar-free creamer, and fat-free milk as an afternoon snack. It really does helps to curb your appetite.  

Usually it all blends in real smooth, but this morning some creamer stuck to the rim of the coffee mug, even after I whisked it with my lovely little mini-whisker I bought. As I took the first sip, the first lovely flavors to hit me were the caramel creamer immediately followed by the super  yummy coffee which dissolved the creamer “crystals” and it made me think…

margarita_1_.jpgStarbucks should offer coffee “with or without sugar on the rim” – like we offer margaritas at work “with or without salt.”

That would be totally funny! Can you imagine the look on the customer’s faces? It would be priceless. I’ve been thinking I should start writing a new series of “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera: Restaurant Edition.” You have no idea how many funny things we come up with to do to unruly customers. It would be SO FUN to do those same things, in front of them, and then watch their reaction on video! It would be our only REAL therapeutic release from the stress that comes from being a Servant. Er, I mean, Server.  

But let’p-heart.jpgs not go overboard. Ladies, and that means I’m speaking to you – Gwendolyn, if I come to your house and you serve me coffee with the following on the side, I’m going to have to seriously take you out of the house and away from all “hostessing” activities for at least 48hrs. I mean, they are cute – but that’s just too much for me!!! 

Of course, you’ know I’ve book marked the page where you can order these from so that I can order some for Claire’s birthday party this spring. Because SHE is all about being a girl and I will live vicariously through her. Or at least I can get Gwendolyn to help me figure out how to make them ourselves, because I’m seriously NOT going to pay $25.00 for65 brown sugar hearts!