This was written by one my students last fall. I love it and wanted to archive it online. She was a very dedicated student and received a Pass Plus on her Grade I exam. She had to step out this year due to family obligations but I hope to see her in the studio next fall. I miss her! I asked her permission before I published this!

I am a girl who dances ballet.
I wonder what dancing on pointe is like.
I hear our dance music at my lessons.
I see myself in a tutu.
I want to be a professional dancer.
I am a girl who dances ballet.

I pretend to do a tendu.
I feel pleased when I do splits in the air.
I touch a little bird as I go by.
I worry about my ballet jumps.
I cry that I can’t do them right.
I am a girl who dances ballet.

I understand it will be a while till I dance on pointe.
I say, “Practice hard and practice always.”
I dream of pointe shoes on my feet.
I try to dance my best.
I hoe I will get better at dancing.
I am a girl who dances ballet.

A.H. 12yr old first year ballet student