…are just another way of passing judgment against others. And another way of turning something that isn’t defined as sin by God, into sin as defined by you. And another way of possibly leading another soul into bondage. And it breeds hypocrisy in one’s own soul and discredits one’s character. Far-reaching generalizations are often born out of an ungodly  and unhealthy spirit of fear and an ignorance of the unknown. Presumptions about the way things are – or could be – or might be – or are because one thinks they are that way – are just that presumptions. They are not based on facts of any inherent nor concrete merit.  Judging things, people, situations, morals, behaviours, decisions, and anything else on one’s own presumptive and far-reaching generalizations is really a bad habit to develop and not a habit that God desires for His children to exemplify for the world.

I have found it’s best to stay clear of folks who practice such unhealthy behaviours. When I have allowed myself to develop friendships with people who behave in such manners, I am always disappointed in the outcome of that friendship. And when I find myself doing the exact same thing which I detest so much, I am immediately horrified that I have become THAT kind of person. If even for just a moment.