We have all new managers at work and it’s not so much fun right now. Got yelled at last night by one of the newbies. He says, “Either pull your stuff together and let’s work as a team to get this done – or go home. We don’t need people here who are just complaining!” (Because I went to him and said, “My section is dying – you are seating the tables too fast – the service is shoddy and I don’t like it – I don’t even know what is going on at each table – why are you guys doing that?? It’s not working!! I can run my own sections!”) So, I, being Sarah, looked at him, said, “Fine!.” Shut my ordering screen down, closed my book up and proceeded to walk away. I was totally fine with walking off the floor and going home. He quickly turns around to me and says, “Wait, wait!!! What do you need for table 78?”

Hmm. Seems maybe it wasn’t a good idea to yell at an already stressed out, on the verge of tears, frustrated and overwhelmed server who was only in that situation because of the NEW management. Work with me, managers – but don’t push me. It’s just a job. It’s not my freakin’ career!

In 7 months of serving at this high volume, quick paced restaurant – I’ve NEVER had a customer complain about my service. Not that I’m always pleasant – but I’m always pleasant to the tipping customer! LOL! I had more complaints in my section last night while the managers were tripping over themselves trying to “get through the rush quick” than ever before – and about ME when I wasn’t even doing anything wrong! The customers were complaining because they were getting shoddy service.

Personally, I really don’t like to go to a restaurant and have someone seat me, someone else bring me chips and water, someone else take my appetizer order, someone else take my dinner order, a new person deliver the food and then the waiter just pop in with the bill and expect a tip….. So – the whole time they were “helping me” – I was getting $2, $3 tips on $50+ tables. That stinks, folks! That stinks, managers!

After our little “tiff” – the managers stayed out of my section and things got into a rhythm and everything was OK and the tips got back to the 20% range and everything was fine.

We’ll see how it goes. I may be changing restaurants soon. I am going to talk to the new manager today and remind him we ARE a team, and if I’m on the verge of tears – he doesn’t need to start yelling at me to pull my s**t together! And that he only pays me $2.13/hr and I don’t have to work for him. And I WILL not be treated like that. And I CAN go to ANY OTHER RESTAURANT and get a job tomorrow….

I think managers forget that sometimes. We live in San Antonio. There are 10,000 restaurants hiring servers. I’ve been thinking about working at some place like Chuy’s or The Melting Pot or Saltgrass anywhere, where the tip percentages would be higher. I clear around $300/weekend in cash. But if I could work the same hours and make $400-500/weekend. That’d be awesome!

In other funny news, on Friday I was thinking to myself…what would I do if I walked up to a table and a certain someone I knew once, specifically speaking – a certain person who pretends to be a real live pastor but runs a mock of a church – was sitting in my section….what would I do?? How would I respond? How would I handle myself? I figure I’d drop my jaw and walk off speechless, transfer the table to a different server, and avoid ALL eye contact! And then I started thinking – well what if I ran into people just FROM my former churches – how would I respond. That’s an interesting thought.

And then – last night – right before it got “bad” – there it was. The scenario. Someone from that former church I went to was sitting in my section. Thankfully – God Bless His Heart – thankfully it was someone who had also “defected from the fold” and done so quite painfully (she actually ran away from home as a teenager). She left the “church” family right about the time we were making our exit from the cult – and it has literally been about 5 years since I’ve seen her. In fact, she was a teenager then – and yesterday … there she sat… all grown up…even happily married! It was great fun to “run into” her – but still….a little awkward really!!

Ahh….and then I got home, opened the mail, and my acceptance letter to Texas State was there. So in the end, a good day. 🙂