Worse than Boo-Bah

Worse than Barney

Worse than….what were those things that got Pat Robertson all in a tizzy about purple gay kids characters?? I can’t even remember their names … oh yes… Telatubbies.

I really stand amazed at how DUMB some kids programming can be.

Below is an actual video clip from this TV show. Hannah and Claire used to sing the song from the clip just for fun – and it was funny to listen to them sing it. But then, I heard them singing along with the television – the “Tummy Song” – and found myself watching the following clip with my girls, and I could feel my OWN brain cells dying – as if I’d smoked crack! It was horrifying I tell you. There have been other clips I’ve watched with the kids – and I’ve always ended the segment by turning off the TV and sitting, horrified, at the idea that parents think this crap is OK, good and educationally stimulating?!?! OMG! What has the world come to??

And so, I warn you, if you find your children watching Yo Gabba Stupid on your TV. TURN IT OFF. For the love of intelligence and all that is about growing healthy brain cells! TURN IT OFF!!

I honestly can not imagine being a self-respecting adult and participating in any kind of this garbage aimed at kids. What happened to people like Mr. Rogers? We need more shows modeled after that kind of show – not more hyped up ADD driven CRAP on TV. Or better yet…honestly…Yo Gabba Stupid makes me want to RIP THE TV OUT OF THE WALL AND THROW IT AWAY.

But I do love the Colbert Report and I’d miss that terribly.