Claire came home one day last week after a play day at a friends house and she had in her hand a little baggie which she gleefully ran up to show me.  See below:


I know it’s a little hard to see because of the flash – but inside the baggie are peanuts. However, according to Claire…they were….get this…


I said, “What? Claire? What did you say? Did you just say…”
And she says, giggling of course, “Yes, Mommy, look!  It’s peanut butter poop! HAHAHAHA”

And she runs off laughing to show everyone her peanut butter poop!


I looked at friend, and started laughing, and friend just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Yeah, I don’t know!”

It was SO funny!

A few days later we, that is Claire and I, had to have a nice talk about how little girls who are God’s Princesses and are going to grow up to be God’s Queens can’t really use the word “Poop” to describe things because poop is yucky and Princesses and Queens don’t use words about yucky things to describe stuff. I didn’t really know how else to explain to Claire that the use of the word Poop to describe everything in her vocabulary wasn’t appropriate.  It worked. I heard her telling Hannah that she couldn’t say “poop” anymore because she was a “Proper Princess.” She’s such a mess!