Reluctantly, I ran on Friday morning. OK, Friday afternoon, actually. The whole shebang – 5 min warm up, 90 sec. jogs, 2 min. walks x 20 minutes, 5 minute cool down – and then a shower and then a nap. 🙂 No, I didn’t. I showered and then I picked the kids up from school and we hit up Sonic during Happy Hour (LOVE IT!!) and we went to the library! But I wanted to take a nap.

exhausted.gif I wasn’t feeling really great. Stomach was tight and I hadn’t eaten all day. We’ve had a little tummy virus running through the house. I put off running all day. I even had to work last night so I was kind of thinking I’d just blow off this week – but then I made myself do it. Not sure what the guidelines are for when you are technically sick – but I decided unless I was throwing up or running a strong fever, I was going to just trudge ahead.  Plus the Diet Cherry Diet Coke with Fresh Lime Wedges would make everything better. Not to mention that it was only $0.76 for a LARGE!! (Because, that’s EXACTLY what I needed after running for 30 minutes while fighting a virus!!)

Thankfully I didn’t make myself worse. I have done that on occasion. I’ll never forget the miscarriage fiasco that went from semi-concernable to a medical emergency when I decided that, in the middle of a somewhat complicated miscarriage, I would uproot all the hedges in the front yard. Seemed sensible to me. I really don’t think that me uprooting the hedges really directly LED to a uterine infection and me needing an emergency DNC, but….it does seem somewhat coincidental…. LOL!  I think I might have misunderstood the Dr. when she advised me to, “Go home and rest.”
So I didn’t bother asking anyone’s opinion this time around. I had enough excuses of my own. All I needed was to hear ONE person say, “Oh but Sarah, you aren’t feeling well, just run tomorrow.”

But now I have 5 training sessions down and only 37 more to go!!! Does that sound exciting or what??  I did have this obnoxious idea today though. This afternoon has turned out to be GORGEOUS. (It’s been yucky weather all week.) I thought it would be fun to get all the kids dressed in warmups and go to the track together…JUST FOR FUN!

Of course we didn’t. We went to GameStop instead looking for a PS2 game for the girls to play. They aren’t into Lego Star Wars. 🙂 We came home empty handed – apparently Dora The Explorer’s Journey to the Purple Planet is harder to find than we thought! I think I’m going to have to order it. *sniff sniff* I was hoping to buy it used. Because I’m cheap like that.

Next Saturday – if the weather is nice, we are going to go walk/run the 5k course though. The map has been released already and I thought I’d take one weekend a month to go walk/run it – just so I could have a feel for the race course before the BIG DAY. 🙂