Ok so I was teasing my BFF, Gwendolyn, about her manic obsession with love for index cards when she admitted to another blogger that she uses them for organizing things such as reminders for when to flip her mattress. I just about died laughing because yes, I’ve heard of people doing that before (having a system for that kind of home maintenance) but I’ve never actually KNOWN anyone as ridiculously controlling .. er… organized as Martha Stewart! I figured that was just crap she wrote in a magazine to get Type A’s all inspired about home organization!

So, in true Gwendolyn form, she actually found this ecard and sent it my way – apparently mattress flipping is a big thing – they have E-Cards for it!!!


So, Gwendolyn, since Claire peed in our bed last night and the linens are off while everything is being washed and the mattress is drying out …. after being sprayed down with Febreeze… I actually AM going to flip my mattress today! Only you would have inherently known that. Like I said, we were meant for each other!

Can you send me one of these cards in however many days until I am supposed to flip my mattress again?  And do I need to tip you for this service? Kind of like a concierge type thing really.