While putting off the inevitable (running, see below) I spent the morning on the computer researching my return college and learned that, by finishing my core curriculum classes at San Antonio College vs. Texas State, I can save around $5000 in tuition costs!  Isn’t that amazing!?!  15 hrs of college classes at SAC costs around $780. 15 hours of college at Tx State is $3400!!  I also found that there are several upper level classes that SAC offers that will transfer to Tx State for my proposed degree plan. So, that was helpful also!

AND! I also found out that I can transfer in 18 hours of college credit from taking correspondence courses through Tx. State. The classes cost around $400 each – so it would be a lot more to take 18 hours via correspondence vs. taking 18 hrs through SAC. But I can do them at my own pace, take up to 9 months to complete the course work, and I can do them AT HOME. That was the best part. As soon as I can, I’m going to enroll for the Biology class.

I’m transfering into Tx State with 31 hours right now and plan to finish off Speech, History 1 and 2, Us Government 1 and 2, Philosophy, Intro to Fine Art and Biology before next Fall. Speech I’ll have to take at SAC as a mini-semester course which starts in March. It’s mostly online but since it IS a speech class, we have to have some personal interaction. But if I could knock out all the basic core classes before hitting TxState, that’d be awesome.

Who wants to help me write some papers for my correspondence classes???