The clothing at Express really is sized funny and the size 4 slacks are cut the same as the size 6 jeans which are really the same size as the size 8 jeans I wore years ago. I remember how terribly thin I had to be my freshman year in college to fit into a Gap size 4 shorts….and I am no where NEAR that thin now. So – really – don’t let that last post fool you – I’ve still got my fair share of body fat! 

On one hand I think it’s kind of sad that the clothing manufacturers are accomodating larger waistlines by making their clothes bigger – but on the other hand – it was totally fun to put on a pair of pants that had a label that read “4” on the waistband.

And now I’m going to let my lunch settle while I snuggle with Claire and read books and then we’ll take a nap and then I’ll get up and run. Since I haven’t had a chance to do that all week and I have been too lazy…er…I mean… busy…. today to accomplish much of anything besides washing laundry – which is clearly outside of my job description. So I’ve definitely over-extended myself as it is.