You wouldn’t think that sounded so intimidating….but it’s 2:20pm on Wednesday afternoon and I finally got my first run in for the week. I haven’t felt good all week and have been tired and the kids have all taken turns being sick since last Thursday and there have just really been a LOT of reasons why I didn’t FEEL like getting on the treadmill and sticking to the training plan.

But being only the 2nd week of training I thought it would be unwise to quit so soon. 🙂 There’s ONLY 13 weeks to go until the 5k. Gee Whiz!

Last week I ran on Sunday, Thursday and Saturday….I think. This week I’ll end up running on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Not a perfect start by any means, but I figured I needed to give myself room to improve! Hee hee…. Seriously though – I dreaded getting on the treadmill today but knew it was my last day to get started on the week’s training schedule if I was going to get all 3 days in with a rest day in between. And I put it off until I really had nothing else to do today except run and shower.

But you know, now that it’s done – I feel so much better and am so glad I made myself crank up Ol’ Betsy and run my little heart out.  A brisk 5 minute walk and then 90 second runs at 5.5 mph followed by 2 minute cool down walks at 2.5mph for another 20 minutes and then a 5 minute cool down. It wasn’t so bad once I got going – but I couldn’t believe how resistant I have been to it all week. Where did all my enthusiasm go??

I think my enthusiasm waned last night after eating the 2nd Chocolate Éclair. That was a whopping 420 calories consumed between 9pm and 11pm last night. And then we went to sleep. I didn’t really wake up feeling rejuvenated, you know. Didn’t really set myself up for success today. I’ve noticed that when I do that – eat junk food before bed – I wake up tired. I don’t know why – I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation revolving around blood sugar levels, digestion, etc. so on and so forth. But the nights when I cut out all food after 7pm and only drink water between 7 and bedtime – I feel so much better in the morning and am relatively more productive.

But really, if you are just starting out – don’t get all wrapped up in the Type A mentality that you have to stick to an extremely rigid training schedule. The Coach Potato training guidelines say you need to run for THREE DAYS a week. It doesn’t say they have to be the same three days, at the same times each day, in the same weather, on the same course, etc. It just says….3 days. In the past, I’ve added undue stress to my training plans/goals by trying to be too rigid in my training schedules and then getting frustrated and have ended up quitting because I didn’t meet my obnoxiously unrealistic goals.

Keep the bar low!  How’s that for goal setting!  Start with a reasonable, attainable goal. I can pick 3 days this week and run. It won’t be perfect. And some will scoff at this post – some dear runner who probably runs marathons and triathlons and Ironmans. That’s ok. I think you are insane anyway!! Ha!