I overslept this morning. Even though the alarm was set so I would get up and run and still have time to get ready for church – there was no way, when waking up at 9:45am, that I’d make it to church on time (10:30am!) unless I showed up in my pajamas and with morning breath.

So I went ahead and brushed my teeth, put on the sports bra, and cranked up Ol’ Betsy. That is the treadmill we bought 3 years ago shortly after Claire was born. I’ve talked about her before on the blog as I’ve planned, 3 January’s in a row now, to train for a 5k. It hasn’t happened yet – me crossing the finish line – but ever persistent…I’m trying again, as noted in my “Important Sites” over there… a link to the 5k I’ve chosen.

The training program is actually quite doable for any couch potato and I actually found it “sweat free” today! Whoo hoo! Details are provided at Cool Running. It basically utilizes interval training to build endurance and strength as you work towards being able to run 3 miles straight. I’ve tried other methods, but this is the one that works for ME the best. You might find it incompatible with your running/training style. So – you know – whatever. I don’t even know what I’m talking about really. Like I know anything about running! HA!

The first January that I set this as my goal I started off the year weighing 181 lbs and wearing a size 18!! It was not easy to get my body moving efficiently on a treadmill! There was a lot of jiggling and jostling going on and it was just uncomfortable. In February of that year we all came down with the flu and a long season of recovery took over. It seemed like we had one illness after another right through the end of April. Claire was still an infant, I had a house full of small children, and I found that it just wasn’t the right season for me to train for a 5k. But I kept walking and running and such and kept dieting off and on through the year. And honestly, by the summer – while I was still in the 160lb range – my legs were CUT and looking quite nice if I do say so myself!

In January of 2007, I once again set the goal of running a 5k in April. I had trimmed down to 157 lbs and was in a size 12. I was encouraged when I found a friend to train along with me and we were going to run the race together. I was doing very well in my training schedule and had made great progress by March. Unfortunately…I bought new shoes (as in a completely different brand/style) halfway through the process and they were the wrong shoes for me….and the very first time I attempted to run in them I ended up with Shin Splints. They were horrible. SO PAINFUL. And that did it for me. I was out. It took, seriously, a good 6-8 months to recover from them. There was no way I was going to make the race in April. I was very disappointed. But there was nothing to be done.

Honestly – I had no idea I could end up with shin splints from something like that – and people may disagree with me – but literally, on Monday I was fine. Ran 2 miles. Tuesday I bought new shoes. Wednesday I ran in the new shoes and halfway through the run started feeling intense pain. I couldn’t finish the 2 miles. Thursday I couldn’t move. Friday I was at the Dr’s office. Maybe circumstantial…but…I believe it was the shoes. I’ve run my entire life and never had shin splints before! So I blame it on the shoes…which I bought at a running store after being fitted by a “Professional Running Shoe Fitter.” Funny that the shoes I picked out from Famous Footwear actually worked much better for me than the high dollar shoe at the specialty store! LOL!!

So today I started again training AGAIN for that Ever Elusive 5k. I start my training weighing in at 134lbs and wearing a size 6. I will have to say – it is easier to run when you don’t weigh so much – but don’t let that stop anyone! When I was 50lb heavier, it was hard and I certainly did sweat a lot more – but I never felt better than when I’d finish a training run or walk. There is a lot of satisfaction in working your body to the point of complete physical fatigue!

I THINK Royce is going to train with me and run with me this year so I’m excited about that. We usually have completely different interest and I don’t know that he’s THAT interested in running a 5k, but he is interested in being with me…and that is sweet on his part. I have the course map for the race in April and once every couple of weeks we plan to make time to go attempt an actual course run – to see how far off track we are…no pun intended. We even talked about training Adri and Ean so that we could all run the race together. We are seriously considering it. We have given up team sports this semester and so this would be a nice change from being so divided up as a family every Saturday morning – we could go out and train every night and every Saturday until the big day!

It will be nice to accomplish this goal. I’m also taking my Grade III Cecchetti Teacher’s Exam in March and the running between now and then will be a huge help to getting me in shape for that exam. I can do all the steps, technically, but by the end of class I’m quite exhausted. Dr. Tenniswood said, bluntly, “You need to get in better shape!” I said, “I’m TOO OLD for this!!” She laughed and reminded me that her youngest child is older than me…. I just love Dr. T. She’s so frank and to the point – we are a lot a like in that regard I suppose. 🙂