Seriously folks – it just occurred to me last week one night when I was putting the girls to bed – we are returning to a former era in our marriage.

Follow me down memory lane:

Royce and I married in 1996 and we didn’t buy any diapers that year.

Adri was born in the spring of 1997 and we started a negative return investment experiment with the Pampers Corporation (we gave them our money, they gave us their product, and then we just threw their product in the trash when we were done with it!)  The investment was well worth every penny too, once we realized the cloth diaper investment, while beneficial to the environment, was hazardous to my mental health.

In the fall of 2007 Hannah and Claire completed potty training and are now successfully sleeping through the night. No. They are not twins. There were some medical hurdles for Hannah to overcome and Claire is only 3 1/2. This all just transpired in December. December was the first month I didn’t HAVE to buy diapers.

And that’s when it dawned on me.

2008 will be our 12th year or marriage and the return of an era we thought we might never experience again: a diaper-free home!!! We have literally had at least 1 child in diapers sine 1997. Amazing. 10 years. WOW!

Statistically speaking folks, that means that over 80% of our married life we have spent our hard earned money on diapers. Maybe now we can finally start saving for retirement…oh wait….we are just finishing up paying off Adri’s braces which means we are moving into the Orthodontic Era and then next will be the Driver’s Ed/Car Era, then Graduation Era, then College Era…then Weddings….THEN we’ll save for retirement.

Ummmmm…we better start buying lottery tickets….. but at least we don’t have to buy diapers!!  (That is…until we start buying them for each other….hahahaha!!)