Brainwave today while thinking about Man Made Doctrine and how it relates to what exactly Christ came to accomplish (our restored relationship with God)

I realized that Christ was not a(n):

  • Reformed Calvinist
  • Armenian
  • Dispensationalist
  • Puritan
  • Seperatist
  • Baptist
  • Catholic
  • Post-Millenialist
  • Pre-Millenialist
  • Fundamentalist
  • Quaker
  • Neo-orthodox
  • Neo-evangelical
  • Pretribulationalist (or any of the like)
  • Amillinialist
  • Christian Reconstructionist
  • Etc. you get my point….

So what does that mean for us??

How then are we to identify ourselves as Christians who live in a world with 10,000 different doctrinal positions, denominations and such – all of which are full of holes as big as the universe itself!?

Christ did not live in a culture that had as many “Christian” doctrines because Christianity hadn’t been established yet. But were the Jews as messed up with their religious beliefs then as we are now?? And Christ didn’t come to establish “Christian Doctrine,” He came to fulfill Judaic Prophecy and to make it possible for people to actually enter into a personal and private and intimate relationship with God Himself.

Am I starting to understand this a little better?