Each year for Christmas we let the children ask for 3 gifts. For a$ many practical rea$on$ a$ $piritual. 🙂 But really – we talk about that Christ received 3 gifts on what was probably his 2nd birthday and we let the children ask for a “Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh” gift. Gold has to be something that they really really really really want. Frankincense has to be something somewhat practical and useful. Myrrh has to be something that has to smell good, taste good or is overall … yummy.

The children didn’t really ask for much this year though. I think since Christmas was so low key – no hyped up parties and decorations round here….it helped to tame the wild hares that can become children at Christmastime. Personally speaking, I’ve seen Christmas bring out the worst or best about my kids…kinda like birthdays…. Anyway, the girls didn’t ask for anything – they just knew and trusted that on Christmas morning we would have gifts for them. Ean didn’t really ask for anything either this year. He said he didn’t know – and so he let us pick out his gifts – so, as he said, he wouldn’t be disappointed. I thought that was sweet! Adri, of course, true to his being, had my entire Christmas shopping plan micromanaged to the last detail so that if I couldn’t find this one specific Bionicle at Toys R Us, I could go to this Walgreens, or that WalMart, or I could check at a specialty toy store….

Anyway for Adri’s practical gift, we gave him “The Dangerous Book for Boys!” He’s always wanting to build things and create projects and is interested in a wide range of everything related to being a boy. We thought this would be a great balance against what would be their collective “gold” gift. For months now Ean has been telling me about “side slung backpacks” and how “everyone” at school has them. He was joyfully surprised to find one in his gift box this morning. And for the girls – really….what is more practical for two little girls than brand new, shiny, dress up dresses – complete with clip on earrings, tiarras and hoop skirts!

Practical Princesses

Instead of getting each child a “special gold gift” we surprised the kids with 1 gift that they’ve all (well almost all of them) wanted for a long time. We finally broke down and bought them a PlayStation2 (PS2). I always said we’d “NEVER” own a gaming system – but that’s when we lived in a neighborhood with a park across the street, a cul de sac to ride our bikes on and a fun backyard. 🙂 Now we are a bit isolated to our own boring yard space and living room for the most part….and the kids need something to do. I need the kids to have something MORE to do. 🙂 SO I was more than agreeable when Royce suggested a PS2 – because it still hadn’t crossed my mind, actually.

Royce came up with a clever scavenger hunt game for the kids to play this morning so they had to work for the gift. The children had fun and they were OH! SO! EXCITED! to open the “Gold Gift!”


(Hannah pulled out the manual and said, “Oh! A Book!” Ha …. she didn’t really know what it was until we told her….she is, right now, crashing a car in some kind of car race game!)

We bought the kids a refurbished model and used games because we know how well they take care of electronic stuff. We figured when they are old enough to work they can get jobs and save up the $1000+ they will need to own the top of the line gaming systems and games and apparatus, but until then – I will revert back to an old adage someone I once was close to used to say a lot in regards to her children…keep the bar LOW! 🙂

In a little while we will heat up some beef fajitas and enjoy lunch with my Dad. This afternoon we are going to visit my friend Larry at the bowling alley, bribe him for some free bowling in lieu of home made brownies, and then we are heading to the movies, thanks to Mary and Adrian who sent us a very generous gift certificate to the theatre! Until then – I’ll be a blogging fool b/c I can’t remember a day when Royce has been home to help with the kids, and where the kids are actually BUSY … and where I can get caught up on blogging some photos of family stuff!

Here’s Ean being a happy boy. Because that’s  just the kinda kid he is!