Top 10 Things I Want To Do in 2008

These are not visionary type goals – just things I want to DO. The visionary stuff is best left for private journaling!

These are not in any particular order – just train of thought really…

  1. Run that ever elusive 5K!
  2. Pass my Gr. III and Gr. IV ballet teacher exams (not easy!!!).
  3. Perform again – like as in, on stage, in a real production.
  4. Go back to college.
  5. Pass my Biology and History Clep tests.
  6. Go to the beach!!
  7. Lose the last 15lbs…ok actually 20 lbs…for pointe work I really need to be down to 115. (HAHAHAHA – maybe I should aim for liposuction instead?!?!)
  8. Go camping on an extended weekend.
  9. Start the home renovation process.
  10. Pay off my car.
  11. Get my teeth whitened.

Ok. 11 things. I wonder if I’ll do all that this next year?? I sure hope so! I really hope 2008 is less stressful than 2007 – on a personal level. I’ve really had enough drama. I’m not expecting everything to be perfect all the time – but major personal trauma…I’ve had enough of for a while.